Throwing Shade – A #BLOW guide to Fashion Colours


THROWING SHADE. – What you need to know about fashion shades

There are many things that dictate what’s going to be the hottest fashion colour of the season. From trend influencers on Instagram, to the newest pantone shade. In #BLOW we will notice a surge in customers gravitating towards a particular colour each season. But what is a fashion colour, how you maintain it and what do you ask for in a consultation?


Is it for you boo? – Fashion colours from this season’s in-salon favourites; silvers, blush pinks to just a pop of peach. When choosing these shades considering the following things:

Fashion colours, like trends, are temporary. Creative colours may only last only up to a few washes. As fashion colours only stain the outer layer of your hair, and don’t penetrate in the same way that natural colour tints do, it’s variable how long these colours will last. Sometimes this is exactly what a client wants; it can be an amazing option for going wild for festival or holiday styling. The lighter the shade the quicker it will wash up! This is why if you are choosing to you a pastel shade we will discuss the option of allowing us to colour it a shade or two darker.

Hair has to be a level 9 or 10 which is a very light blonde, which more often than not means clients’ hair has to be bleached. Bleaching makes your hair porous, and porosity is a major determining factor in the longevity of your fashion colour. If hair is very porous it can either grab the colour & last until you want to change it, OR can release the colour very easily. Sometimes even putting heated styling tools like straighteners or tongs on porous hair can make the colour fade.

I want the lifestyle, I want the high maintenance: Have a think about the colour you are choosing. In #BLOW we want our customers to feel empowered by their colour choices, but if you are someone who likes to wash their hair every day or keeps there salon visits to a minimum, creative shades or colouring which requires constant touch ups to look its best are maybe not suitable for you.

To keep these colours looking there best you have to adhere to the #BLOW hair guides and colour prescriptions we give you. In the salon we use products we LOVE and that love your hair such as our good ole friends TIGI, Olaplex and the new member to the gang – Fabuloso which we make up to match your hair colour to top up at home.

While some of these products may be more costly than your average shampoo, remember it costs way more to come back and get your colour redone if you accidentally strip your colour out at home by using a non-colour safe shampoo.

I need your direction, what’s your perception.

Everyone interprets colour differently. Even different types of light can drastically change what colour hair looks. Our senior stylist Rachael took these photos of the same hair style in three different types of light to demonstrate this:  One with a ring light, one with a flash & one in natural light. We love to see inspiration photos when you come for your consultation, however, this is why we may need you to communicate as best as you can as you may everyone has completely unique ideas of what a certain shade is e.g think blondes you have icy whites to golden tones don’t be afraid to get descriptive the consultation is for us to help you as best we can to achieve hair goals!


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