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Ok we call all agree summer has been a bit of a drag. But if you are lucky enough to be hitting the beach or catching a glimpse of the summer rays here’s some hair care tip’s from the pro’s!

Leave the lemonade to Beyonce – It’s a common hair myth that lemon can be used to lighten your locks while yes this does work to an extent it also compromises the health and your overall hair happiness. Lemons are acidic so a big no no unless you fancy ending up with hair that resembles a holiday straw hat.

No Brass more Sass – GIRLS. Once and for all listen to your hair fairy godmothers here at #BLOW to keep your locks from looking brassy invest in a good silver shampoo. We rave about loreal silver in salon not only does it help to banish those unwanted tones but it helps to enhance blondes, greys and whites. Our 250 ml bottle is suitcase friendly and comes with an invisibobble that doesn’t tangle dry or wet hair. Perfect for tying your locks back on beach days.

We like to tease – Tangle teasers. Invest in one of these. Holidays can sometimes leave your hair in a distressed state. Be kind to it. These brushes help detangle and reduce breakage in your hair and can be popped in your hand luggage.

Land mermaid – Although you will spend most your holidays in the pool or in the sea we advise all ariel wannabes that sun and sea can stress your hair. Olaplex is our holy grail and no you don’t need to swap your voice for it. Small and mighty this highly concentrated formula can be applied during a siesta to keep your hair smooth and sleek no matter how wild your holiday is.


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