Baby Let Me Upgrade Ya!

Baby Let Me Upgrade Ya!


Following onto our previous #BLOW blog we laid it down that if you are a hairdresser looking to kick ass in the industry it’s always important to develop as a stylists. Remember the days of rubber caps to do highlights? This is a technique that has thankfully been banished. As you progress through your career you will notice and should be keen to embrace the most modern trends and techniques.

This is one of the main reasons our training academy was established to bring the best and latest techniques. Allowing you to add to your creative portfolio and have a head start on what your clients will be asking for in salon.

The courses are laid out so our training candidates can develop knowledge to bring back to their own salon and personal development. This is why the courses we pick are trend aware and focused on the biggest buzz words in the industry.


Fantasy Colour Master Class

This course was developed to the overwhelming demand of creative colour in the UK (and for the crashing of our Instagram account every time we posted a new technique). Creative colour was once mainly a DIY movement but now highlighter roots, under rainbows and colour melts are every day asks for #BLOWs clientele. Fantasy colours continue to be overwhelmingly popular and allow you to truly flex your creativity this is a trend which is truly unstoppable.

Truly an exciting and unique training course the aspects covered on this course will truly ensure you are a next level creative stylists.

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Balayage and Freehand Masterclass

They call us the blend squad in #BLOW. Repeat after us – Bal-ey-age. Now you’ve nailed how to say it get ready to learn the hottest technique in the industry. From glossy fashion magazines to celebrity Instagram posts your clientele will have inevitably brought a photo of a balayage to a colour consultation.

Although Balayage has been around for a while it has only gained attention in the past two years being particularly popular with clients who want that expensive look and feel but less likely to have time to visit the salon.

The course we run gives theory and illustrates the different technqies in the application of this style covering Balayage and also microfoling/babay lights. Our stylists will not only demonstrate how to achieve the ‘perfect blend’ but look at selecting tones to compliment hair/skin types to you can truly personalise this to each clients specific needs.

So baby let me upgrade ya!



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