Scissor Sisters – So you wanna be a hair stylist?


Hair.  If you are obsessed with it as we are at #BLOW then let’s cut to the chase.  This could be the career for you! Here’s some tips from the most in demand stylists at #BLOW about starting your journey into the hair world.


Started at the bottom now were here:

From whether it is starting out on the shop floor to heading straight to college or combining both. Most of our stylists will have had some sort of on floor experience at junior staffing level before they are even allowed let near a set of scissors.


Saturday Gurl

If hair dressing is something you just can’t wait involved with starting off as a Saturday girl/guy is one route a huge majority of stylists began their career. This gives you an appreciation of how hectic the salon life can be but also gives you tons of valuable experience. Such as building up your confidence and rapport with clients. Although your duties may start off mainly helping maintaining the running of the salon, salon cleanliness and assisting your stylist this will set you up great for once you’re a fully-fledged stylist. Getting experience on reception or running with the social media in your salon is also an asset.

Our tips for landing this job are to take a CV if you have one, if not take a covering letter that outlines WHY you would like to work for the salon, what special qualities you can bring. Salons get a lot of requests for Saturday or junior position posts. Make sure your one is memorable.


You’re a class act baby

Most colleges offer full time and part time courses which will teach you the basics. Remember the biggest stylists out there once had to master the technique of the back wash sink.  Although these courses will set the basis for what you will be doing in the salon techniques change very quickly within the hairdressing world. Keep your eye on tutorials, trend blogs and what most importantly the stylists are doing in the salon while you are in your shadowing phase this will be invaluable.


To be the best you got to learn from the best!

Ok so we stole this saying from the #BLOW training academy! Learning is an ongoing process. At #BLOW we offer training courses with the most up to date hyped looks, educating our stylists constantly to keep their techniques up to date. Even after you have finished your provisional training always seek to better yourself. The best hair dressers in the biz are always the ones pushing boundaries and honing their craft. Be adventurous, curious and ready to learn!




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