Granny WOULD be proud. Stunning silvers, whites and all different gradients of grey are a trend that hasn’t faded and won’t anytime soon. With us now exclusively stocking Guy Tang Kenra range it has become one of #BLOW clients biggest requests. But to become a Silverella it is worth doing your homework so it’s time to get in the know with #BLOW.

Maximum impact, maximum upkeep:  – While silvers/white/greys is a non-committal colour but it is a COMMITMENT to keep looking fresh. To keep your locks looking like they did in the salon you do have to be aware that this is a temporary colour and will fade out faster than darker shades. #BLOW stylists will give you a care sheet to help maximize the staying power of your selected shade.

Hair History: The types of  shades work best on hair which is bleached to a clean white. Hair condition needs to be in good health. Our stylists at #BLOW will ask you to come in for a strand test to check the strength of your hair and how much your existing hair colour will lift. Any hair that has been previously coloured will still be evident in your hair. Hair colours have to grow out.

Hair Bestie: At #BLOW we heart Olaplex. As bleaching will change the condition of your hair we recommend this to minimise damage. Adding this treatment to your colour session is recommended. See your hair as an investment. And with any good investment take the advice of the people who know best – Your stylist.

It takes Tone baby! – Toner is going to become second nature to you as applying makeup. We recommend Loreal Silver Shampoo as this contains blue which neutralize any yellow or orange tones. It pays off to invest in products that our stylists recommend and use in the salon. Using cheaper toning alternatives could means all your time in the stylists chair going down the plug hole (literally).

 Hair Love’n’ Care – So with a little patience and a lot of love if you still want to be part of the ice queen hair  gang pop in for a consultation with our fabulous stylists where we can truly help you reach those #hairgoals!