Us gals at #BLOW always have our tresses dressed to impress and at festivals – why have it any other way? Heres a run-down of how you can keep your hair looking heavenly. From sprinklings of sparkles for the Party Girls heading for a Creamfields weekender, to those Rock Goddesses amongst you braving to look babes in the mosh pits at Download.
With #BLOW festival hair never looked so hot! Let us give you the scoop on our favourite festival styles in salon and recommendations for take home products to tame your mane during the summer

“Glitter Roots” Remember that time when Miley Cyrus reblogged us and we broke the internet with our glittery root goodness? Yeah, that time. Glitter roots are an awesome way to hide any root issues. This style looks super cute with fluffy hair buns or with tumbling tresses as seen on the skateboarding models of Ashish SS16.

Most likely to be worn by: Doe Deere, Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning.



 “Under the Rain#BLOW” If you stalk us on instagram (@blowcolourasylum) if not, go on stalk us. You may have seen yummy palettes of colour hiding under a base colour.  We have called this hidden panel of hair an under rainbow great for clients who maybe don’t want to commit to a full creative colour. With #BLOW being an ambassador for Manic Panic you can have cruelty free and super fun rainbow locks.

Most likely to be worn by: Katy Perry, Audrey Kitching, Kesha





“Double Dutch” Double the cuteness. This is a versatile look that looks stunning if you pair it with our #BLOW hair jewellery. This fresh style looks complicated but ask your stylist to break it down so you can replicate it at home. In our salon we have beautiful hair rings that finish this off for a punk rock princess look that is sure to turn heads.

Most likely to be worn by: The whole Kardashian Clan, J- Lo, Rihanna

“S.O.S” or maybe S.O.H for Save Our Hair? At #BLOW we can guarantee that you will walk out our salon with beautiful locks… but the British weather may have totally different ideas. To keep your hair Instagram worthy, some of the products we recommend include “Oh Beehive”  made by TIGI, this matte dry shampoo that will soak up any excessive oils and keep your hair looking super bouncy. Another one of our TIGI favourites is “Straighten out” – apply before blow drying for super smooth locks defying the hottest and most humid situations.

So get ready to rock out, drop in our salon and let us #BLOW your mind.



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Photo Credits : Whim Magazine. Mitchell Sams.